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About Greg and Bagpipe Tutorials

Greg Barnes

I was born and brought up in a small country town called Kokstad in South Africa, which is largely a farming community. Needless to say I decided that was the career of choice for myself and finished my schooling at Weston Agricultural College in 1977.

Back then for all school leaving males it was compulsory to do 2 years military service in the South African Army. On completion of my military service I started working in the farming and commercial forestry industries.

It was during this time that I met and married the love of my life Lyn. We are now the proud parents of four handsome young men. At present no daughter-in-laws and no grandchildren, darn!

A number of years later I changed career direction and started working in sales. The truth be known I was never really all that comfortable with the career change and one thing led to another I ended up working in the tire industry.


The Land Of The Long White Cloud

I immigrated to beautiful New Zealand in October 2000 and my family joined me in February of the following year. We have settled in the eastern suburb of Auckland called Halfmoon Bay. Auckland is known worldwide as the “City of Sails”. The Halfmoon Bay Marina, which is close to where we live is a boat enthusiast's paradise because it is the gate way to the Hauraki Gulf. The Hauraki Gulf is the playground for yachting, fishing and other water activities.


My Involvement With Bagpipes

The love for bagpipe music must be in my blood because of my McGregor ancestry. Every time I hear the scurl of the bagpipes playing, I am passionately moved by the sound.

It has always been my desire to learn to play the bagpipe at some stage of my life, hence my wonderful association and contact with the amazing person of Bill Robertson.

I am sure that you are longing to ask me. Can I play the bagpipe? No I can't!

I bet that shocked you!!!

However I can play the odd tune on a practice chanter and hopefully one day I will thump out a tune or two on the pipes. Make sure you are not around!!!

I leave all the development of the bagpipe lesson content for the website to my friend Bill, he is the subject matter expert and I look after the technical aspects of the website and the website building software.


A New Challenge

Often in my conversations with Bill he would express the desire to make his Bagpipe Lessons available on the internet and he wished that he could find a way to do this. I guess indirectly he was asking me to help him. Not being a website programmer I was reluctant to delve into learning the skill set required to accomplish this task. After all I was trying to learn to play the bagpipes, not build a website.

I started looking for a way that I could help him. After many months of searching on the internet, I stumbled upon a company that provides you with a do it yourself website building software package.

The rest is history, you have been reading and looking at my very first attempt at building a website and hopefully this will not be my last.



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