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Major David Manson

Bagpipe lesson for Major David Manson, a reel taught by Pipe Major Bill Robertso.

Continue reading "Major David Manson"

The Ewe with the Crooked Horn

The Ewe with the Crooked Horn, a bapipe lesson by Bill Robertson

Continue reading "The Ewe with the Crooked Horn"

Donald Maclean's Farewell to Oban

Donald Maclean's Farewell to Oban. A bagpipe tune taught by Pipe Major Bill Robertson

Continue reading "Donald Maclean's Farewell to Oban"

drone reeds stopping

When I play my drone reeds carry on stopping and i have a music test tommorow

Continue reading "drone reeds stopping "

New reeds 'squealing'

Hi Bill, I've been piping for a few years but this is a new problem that's popped up and has me a bit perplexed. Basically, I've been trying a few different

Continue reading "New reeds 'squealing'"

Pipe chanter reed

I am new to playing the pipes. I'm very good on the practice chanter, but would really like to know why, with an easy reed do I hear so much air passing

Continue reading "Pipe chanter reed"

Pipe Major Sam Scott

Bagpipe lesson for Pipe Major Sam Scott. a 6/8 march composed by Peter R. MacLeod

Continue reading "Pipe Major Sam Scott"

pipe tune to learn first

Hi Bill, I am learning to play the pipes with the city of Newport pipe band and would like to know which tune i can start of learnig to play. I have

Continue reading "pipe tune to learn first"

tuning drones what key?

Hi Bill, What key should the drones be tuned to? Is it ok to tune the drones before fitting to the pipes? thanks.

Continue reading "tuning drones what key?"

what key should the tenor drones and bass drone by tuned to?

I have bought a set of new drones for my pipes is it ok to tune the drones to a certain key before fitting them. thanks

Continue reading "what key should the tenor drones and bass drone by tuned to?"

thumb stop aid for chanter

Hi Bill, Is it worth buying this product or will it make you lazy and dependant on using it? thanks, Dave

Continue reading "thumb stop aid for chanter"

True or false

Hi Bill, Is it true that the bagpipes where made in India & was used to tell the enemy that the Scocts where coming & the tenor drum was to tell the enemy

Continue reading "True or false"

Pipe Chanter

For Christmas I received a set of bagpipes. I would like to buy a pipe chanter for my new bagpipes. How do I know what pipe chanter to buy that will

Continue reading "Pipe Chanter"

Moisture controls in bagpipes

Hello Bill, Is it absolutely necessary to have moisture control in bagpipes. I can never get a reasonable answer from anyone I speak to. Some say yes,

Continue reading "Moisture controls in bagpipes"

Duncan MacRae of Kintail's Lament

Duncan MacRae of Kintail's Lament, an introduction to the idiom of piobaireachd.

Continue reading "Duncan MacRae of Kintail's Lament"

The Beat

Bill I have played on my own for a couple of years now. My question is how is one able to learn the beat?; I find when I am concentrating on the notes

Continue reading "The Beat"

The Battle Of Beallach Nam Brog

The Battle Of Beallach Nam Brog, A Piobaireachd story documented by Ron MacLeod

Continue reading "The Battle Of Beallach Nam Brog"

Abbreviations Piobaireachd

Hello, My name is Lorenzo,I come from Italy. I am 54 and I have been playing for five years bagpipes. I'm trying to play the piob The MacGregor's Salute

Continue reading "Abbreviations Piobaireachd"


Sir, new to bagpipe here and now im participating in a competirion sir(MSR). My question is , is it possible to mix up any tunes or have an order to

Continue reading "msr"

The Hen's March

The Hen's March, a jig composed by Pipe Major Donald MacLeod.

Continue reading "The Hen's March"


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