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Sharp C on chanter

Why is the C slightly sharp on my chanter and other noted slightly off? -(six weeks newbie)

Continue reading "Sharp C on chanter"

Deger pipes V Highland pipes

I have been an off and on piper for many years and now intend to focus more (work pressures v pipes - now I am retired). Due to breath limitations I am

Continue reading "Deger pipes V Highland pipes"

My Bagipe Sounds Like a Duck?

Ok, so I have a brand new McCallum practice chanter as I recently decided to start playing. As the title implies, my chanter sounds essentially like a

Continue reading "My Bagipe Sounds Like a Duck?"

Blow pressure and drone read tone

Can drone reads be adjusted to sound with less air pressure and still maintain a proper tone?

Continue reading "Blow pressure and drone read tone"

The Pretty Dirk

The Pretty Dirk, a free piobaireachd lesson by Pipe Major Bill Robertson

Continue reading "The Pretty Dirk"

Age 7 started piping at Thornhill .

I was taught to play the bagpipes by a piper at Edenburgh castle the date was around 1944 .He was a Welsh man I think his name was Ross but not shore I

Continue reading "Age 7 started piping at Thornhill ."

Clarity of Execution

Calarity of execution for 2/4 marches, a free bagpipe lesson by Pipe Major Bill Robertson

Continue reading "Clarity of Execution"

New Band Chanter

Hi Bill Have received my band chanter its MaCullum few years old. The holes are bigger and look to be wider apart. I am having a lot of trouble getting

Continue reading "New Band Chanter"

Playing the Pipes

Hya when trying to play the Pipes, My lips get so sore that i cannot Blow the Chanter, i cannot keep the Chanter in My mouth, it just falls out, i have

Continue reading " Playing the Pipes"

Bagpipes vs practise chanter for learning

Hi there. I have recently started learning how to play the bagpipes. I have been using a practise chanter but a couple of days ago I had a friend let me

Continue reading "Bagpipes vs practise chanter for learning "

Easy, Medium or Hard

Hi Bill, When is it time to move up on reeds? I am a beginning piper and I am thinking if I move up on reed strength, it may help with some issues.

Continue reading "Easy, Medium or Hard"

On stage w/ the Cheiftans!

THE CHEIFTAINS 2011 TOUR DATES: 2/23 Olympia, WA @ Washington Center for Performing Arts One month prior to this event, our Pipe Major Bill Collins came

Continue reading "On stage w/ the Cheiftans!"

Night Patrol

Night Patrol, a free bagpipe lesson by Pipe Major Bill Robertson

Continue reading "Night Patrol"

A selection of bagpipe tunes taught by PM Bill Robertson, ex The Royal Scots

Interactive Bagpipe Tunes - A PDF document with links to Audio and Video lessons. Highly rated, easy to use and very informative.

Continue reading "A selection of bagpipe tunes taught by PM Bill Robertson, ex The Royal Scots"

drones start without striking in

As I am blowing to start up the pipes the drones sound BEFORE striking in. Why? And then when I blow the drones cut off after a few seconds

Continue reading "drones start without striking in "

Bagpipe sheet music.

Good Morning! I stumbled upon your Website when I was looking for a bagpipe blog I could ask my question in. I'm getting married next October and my fiancé

Continue reading "Bagpipe sheet music. "

Looking for info on previous P/M

Hi Bill, my Partner and I are wondering if you knew Her Grandfather George Fraser who was Royal Scots. We believe he was Pipe Major late 50's. Unfortunately

Continue reading "Looking for info on previous P/M"

There’s a big secret about video marketing – most of it doesn’t work…

Right now Youtube has over 81,000,000 videos. However, only a tiny fraction of them ever receive any significant traffic…

To be more specific less than 0.33% (that’s one third of a percent) ever even reach the 1 million view mark.

Even more confronting, is that over half those 81 million videos (53% to be exact) receive less than 500 views during their entire life.

What this means is that the lion’s share of the traffic goes to a very select few Channels on Youtube.

The good news is a number of these elite channels actually follow an insanely simple formula to repeatedly produce these traffic-hauling videos over and over again.

Continue reading "There’s a big secret about video marketing – most of it doesn’t work…"

The Caledonian Canal - Free Interactive Bagpipe Lessons by PM Bill Robertson

PM Bill Robertson's free bagpipe lesson for The Caledonian Canal, ex 1st Battalion, The Royal Scots. Includes audio, video clips and a downloadable PDF document.

Continue reading "The Caledonian Canal - Free Interactive Bagpipe Lessons by PM Bill Robertson"

Drone reeds falling into the bag

Hi, My drone reeds have fallen into the bag and i don't know how to get them back out... It would be grate if someone could tell me how to get them back

Continue reading "Drone reeds falling into the bag"


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