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Memories of the late Pipe major John T MacKenzie ( Scots Guards, 1st Batt)

Dear Pipe Major Robertson, I just came across your website today, and I think it's wonderful.! I like to mention J.T MacKenzie, because he took me on

Continue reading "Memories of the late Pipe major John T MacKenzie ( Scots Guards, 1st Batt)"

Braemar Highland Gathering

Braemar Highland Gathering, a free bagpipe lesson by Pipe Major Bill Robertson

Continue reading "Braemar Highland Gathering"

Striking in

Does anyone have any tips for getting a good, clean strike in? I am struggling to avoid the squeaky, slow progression to drone and chanter unity.

Continue reading "Striking in"

Tape on chanter

Should one use tape over the chanter holes to tune? If so, is there a limit to how many holes can be taped?

Continue reading "Tape on chanter"

Whay causes a reed to stop playing

Good day, I am experiencing my Chanter reed failing by making a low muffled sound or little sound while being played. I have had this happen on two separate

Continue reading "Whay causes a reed to stop playing"

Drying after playing

Hi Bill, After playing my bagpipes, is there a good estimate for air drying before placing them back in their case? William

Continue reading "Drying after playing"

Control of speed/timing.

Hello Bill, Could you please tell me if your video disc tutorial includes a Follow the bouncing ball format when reading the music to a new tune.The speed/timing

Continue reading "Control of speed/timing."

Donald MacKillop

Donald MacKillop, a free bagpipe lesson by Pipe Major Bill Robertson

Continue reading "Donald MacKillop"


Im finding it really hard to make a sound by blowing into the bagpipes. It takes allot of air. Is it the reed or do I need to work on my mouth strength

Continue reading "Blowing"

Torosay Castle

Torosay Castle, a free bagpipe lesson by Pipe Major Bill Robertson

Continue reading "Torosay Castle"

Inconsistent Rhythms, Duncan Johnston

Hi! I'm a competitive piper and have been having some issues with one my hornpipes, Duncan Johnston. I'm currently playing the hornpipe in a pointed

Continue reading "Inconsistent Rhythms, Duncan Johnston"

How to properly strike in the bags with an easy reed.

How do you suppose to strike in the bag and chanter with an easy reed without the chanter making a sound before the drones chime in? Thanks!

Continue reading "How to properly strike in the bags with an easy reed."

How can i stop my bagpipe chanter to stop making a sour note?

Every time I directly blow air into the chanter while it`s on the low G it makes a very sour, and high pitched noise. It doesn`t even sound like a bagpipe

Continue reading "How can i stop my bagpipe chanter to stop making a sour note?"

Striking in

Dcades ago, I learned to strike-in to create clear drone tones but no chanter. Recently, I have observed - and have heard - the strategy has changed. Strike-in

Continue reading "Striking in"

Leaving Ardtornish

Leaving Ardtornish, a free bagpipe lesson

Continue reading "Leaving Ardtornish"

making the reed easier to blow.

I have used a small nail file on my pipe Chanter reed to make it easier to blow but think I may have taken off too much. It now doesn't sound in tune.

Continue reading "making the reed easier to blow."

Blowing and squeezing

Hi Bill, I have been playing for 4 years and can't seem to get the squeezing of the bag down yet. I play and squeeze and after a few sets of practice,

Continue reading "Blowing and squeezing"

Major David Manson

Bagpipe lesson for Major David Manson, a reel taught by Pipe Major Bill Robertso.

Continue reading "Major David Manson"

The Ewe with the Crooked Horn

The Ewe with the Crooked Horn, a bapipe lesson by Bill Robertson

Continue reading "The Ewe with the Crooked Horn"

Donald Maclean's Farewell to Oban

Donald Maclean's Farewell to Oban. A bagpipe tune taught by Pipe Major Bill Robertson

Continue reading "Donald Maclean's Farewell to Oban"


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