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Blowing and squeezing

by Mike
(New York city )

Hi Bill,

I have been playing for 4 years and can't seem to get the squeezing of the bag down yet. I play and squeeze and after a few sets of practice, brain freeze and I just blow until its is too late and I am cooked. I realize that it takes practice, but it frustrating to say the least. I feel this is also delaying my progress. Any pointers, excersises or magic will be greatly appreciated.

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Nov 29, 2014
Blowing and squeezing
by: Bill/Robbie Robertson

Kent's comments of 28 Nov. 2014 very helpful. You could add to listen perceptively when playing/tuning etc., for any lapses in the desired sound/pressure coordination that you must be correct and train the brain to act accordingly almost automatically in due course.

Bill Robertson

Nov 28, 2014
squeezing the bag.
by: Kent

It may help to think of keeping a constant "squeeze" on the bag. What varies is the amount of pressure you exert, lessening as you blow in to the bag and increasing while you take a breath. The object is to maintain the same hardness in the bag whether taking a breath or not. There should never be a time when you are not squeezing the bag to some extent.

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