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Control of speed/timing.

by Tom Chaplin
(Sydney Australia)

Hello Bill,

Could you please tell me if your video disc tutorial includes a "Follow the bouncing ball" format when reading the music to a new tune.The speed/timing control would enable me to grasp the melody,rhythm and beat of any tune in question.


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Jan 05, 2016
Control of speed/timing NEW
by: Bill Robertson

No, Tom, I do not have the "bouncing ball" to display the rhythm. I feel that the bouncing ball helps, but be ware if using it not to become too mechanical in your playing, especially pipe music which needs certain nuances/feeling yet within the beat/pulse of the tune in the light music.
In the written music mostly the beats in bars are shown quite well spaced in their relative group of notes or single notes to denote at least each beat. Then it becomes a matter of observing the down/up beating time of each beat completely without rushing perhaps into the next beat to early from the relative upbeat - and so on. I trust that helps a bit. All the best, Bill

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