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by Salvi

Dear Bill,

Every time I see one of your videos I get impressed not only because your 'pure scottish' musical expression (that is perfect) but the perfection of your finger technique.

I specially love your doublings on C and E. Could you explain us how to develope these 'extremelly clear' doublings?

Thank you

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Aug 22, 2010
by: Bill Robertson

Hello Salvi,
Essentially, it is matter of getting the first mostly high G grace note spot on (not early or late)on the melody of the doubling, and having it uppermost in your mind evry time. The second grace note of the doubling i.e. th D grace note say of a doubling on C (not the same one as that of the melody)follows soon afterwards. Practising all the doublings methodically/slowly with precise crisp clear separate grace notes repeatedly many times is a good drill. Pratise from one or two other notes in methodical way still. Later bring the doublings almost up to the desired speed (still very slightly methodiacl)and keep then like that for some weeks when you should be aware and able to play as normally required still the element of the crisp double sound - keep in mind that first high G grace note and the rest will follow most likely. Awareness is very important. Periodically still practise doublings (and other technique)in methodical way as part of your revision process. Perhaps there are some examples in our website in Bagpipe articles and Bagpipe tunes left of main page - scroll and have a good look.

You can contact me, if necessary via the website contact form or by replying to this post.

Best wishes,

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