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Drones doubling how can I fix this.

by Chris Pearson
(Leeds, england)

Hi Bill

I am using ezeetone drone reeds with a Ross set up, but recently I have had trouble with my drones. I have tried using sm90 drones too (my pipe majors preferred drone Reed) still to no avail!

The problem I'm having is when I'm tuning them without my chanter they will tune fine, I will play the drones for around 5-10mins to warm them up, and then bring in the chanter. As soon as I do so the tenor drones start doubling!

I have tried everything and it just doesn't change. The pipes are well maintained, and doesn't seem to be any moisture issue or problems with crud. Any ideas?

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Apr 25, 2016
Drone reed calibration. NEW
by: Kent

I would suggest adjusting your drones so that they take a minimal amount of air. This can be done by moving the bridle down towards the free end of the tongue. Set them so they will shut off when you blow a little bit harder than when you are playing.

Apr 23, 2016
Drones doubling how can I fix this.
by: Bill Robertson

Hello Chris,
I suggest firstly that you check the borses of your drones for any obstruction, then the drone reed binding open end also clear of any obstruction. Similarly check the stocks.

Also blow through the reeds to make sure hey sound smooth and freely. Test in each drone to make sure the sound is clear and good with various levels of blowing strength within reason.
If all OK, then test the drones for steady good sound mouth blown with slight variations in blowing to find out if the reeds are set to the optimum setting without hardly any perceived variation in pitch and steadiness.

If variations any degrees of variation in sound, then adjust the bridles carefully a very small amount at a time to fend the optimum smooth steady sound. If sound is rather rough/varied the bridle would have to shorten the tongue/blade. If the drone test with varied pressure tends to stop, then the bridle adjustment the other way to lengthen.

Finally try another piper's reeds in your drones to check. "Trial and error" applies at times with the pipes. Any further questions - simply ask me at

All the best,

Bill Robertson

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