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drones start without striking in

by Reggie Kasaval
(Durban SA)

As I am blowing to start up the pipes the drones sound BEFORE striking in. Why? And then when I blow the drones cut off after a few seconds

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Sep 01, 2016
drones start without striking in NEW
by: Bill Robertson

Hello Reggie,
The drone sounding before striking in is simply a little too much air. Just the tiniest sound of the drone before striking in gives you the right time to strike in under the drones position of the bag. Please go to our website main page left to the Bagpipe Articles, open then track to Tuning etc., then Starting up the pipes for beginners in three stages etc., which you should follow a stage at a time. Note the position of the pipes and the good posture etc. Also see the three videos, and text with pictures also to help. The drones cutting out might be the reeds with the bridle that controls the tongue vibration set too finely, yet not to sound roughly and lead to a lack of steadiness (see and listen to the video gauide on the reed setting of the drone reed) allowing for the initial warm up of a few minutes playing. That should help you I trust. All the best, Bill R

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