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Duncan Lamont

A Reel composed by PM Donald MacLeod MBE.

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Duncan Lamont

Duncan Lamont was employed as gardener at Tiroran, Isle of Mull, by Brigadier General Ronald Cheape.

In World War I he accompanied Brig. Gen. Cheape as his piper and orderly. After the war he was well known as a competitor.

The reel was composed in 1942 when PM Donald MacLeod and Duncan Lamont, who was then serving in the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, were attending a month's course with PM William Ross MBE at Edinburgh Castle. Duncan Lamont was bold enough to say to PM Willie Ross:

‘That's not the way you used to play Bonnie Anne 20 years ago’.

PM Donald MacLeod composed the tune that evening to mark this effrontery! Next day, however, PM Willie Ross was after a tune for his latest book and PM Donald MacLeod offered him ‘Duncan Lamont’.. PM Willie Ross accepted it grudgingly with the remark:

‘Could you not find a better name for it?’

As most of you will know Pipe Major Donald MacLeod is one of the most well known composers of really good pipe music, and multiple gold medallist. His Pipe music books are worthwhile having for his many popular compositions.

Duncan MacLeod MBE and Lewis Turrell

Image curtoursey of House of Scotland

Pipe Major Donald Macleod MBE, Seaforth Highlanders,
in younger days with pupil Lewis Turrell MBE,
one of New Zealand’s most famous pipers.

Lesson Pointers

Have relaxed pointing in most reels with short notes nice a clearly all the way without clipping etc. Perhaps that is the reason for reels being written in 2/2 time rather than 2/4 more pointed time. Each beat should have its good downbeat and upbeat controlled timing. Technique naturally should have good clarity in G,D,E, groupings, and clear tachums etc. Maintain the flow.

Tempo could be about 84 BPM or slightly slower or slightly faster depending on solo or band performance.

This reel appears in Pipe Major W. Ross MBE Collection Book 5 with pointing of the F's in the main different to that above; being shorter in the first and second parts as I might show in the video and audio. What I have written is to my mind the mostly common way of the tune as played in the more distant past and perhaps today.

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