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High G

by Ron Thomson
(Valencia, Pennsylvania, USA)

Hi Bill,

I am having real trouble tuning my high G on the Bagpipe Chanter. It just wont tune to G and does not even register on a tuner.

Any suggestions?



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Jun 05, 2017
High G
by: Bill Robertson

Hello Ron,
I suspect that you most likely have a very weak chanter reed that you have set far too far into the aperture of the chanter that makes your High G and High A so soft sounding that it fails to register on a meter. Try using you ears to set the chanter reed from low A by trying to get a simple relation to he old Do, Re, me scale.
Seek some help locally or some where near you from a piper of note say through a local music store, pipe band etc.
All the best,

Bill R

Jun 01, 2017
Tuner not picking up Hi G
by: Lou

Try three things:
1 - Get closer to the pick-up on the tuner
2 - Use a microphone clipped to the chanter. If using the clip on induction mic, try to put it between the F and G holes without covering either hole.
3 - For that note, tune against another chanter, or against the drones, using your ear more so than the tuner.

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