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Inconsistent Rhythms, Duncan Johnston

Hi! I'm a competitive piper and have been having some issues with one my hornpipes, Duncan Johnston.

I'm currently playing the hornpipe in a pointed version instead of round, but have had some inconsistent rhythms, with rushing and slowing and unequivalent dots and cuts.

I've tried working with my metronome on both chanter and pipes alot, but I tend to revert back to inconsistent rhythms after it is turned off.

Are there any other ways which I could work on getting this consistent when I'm practicing? Thank you!

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Feb 27, 2015
Inconsistent Rhymes Duncan Johnston
by: Bill Robertson

Rather difficult to answer without listening to the playing.

Much of Duncan's tunes I believe are meant to be rather round and appear to be suitably so.

I suggest taking the tune part by part, and every two bars only at a time. IE. First part,bares 1 and 2 very steadily/methodically and rather round style until happy enough. Proceed when ready to bars 3 and 4 and so on. One you think you have it at say a moderate tempo repeat as necessary correctly often enough. Then as you see fit part by part all the way.

You can send me a practice chanter sound file and copy of the music by e mail directly to me for my comments with no charge, and I'll what I can to help.

All the best - Bill - e mail at:

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