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making the reed easier to blow.

by David Keanie

I have used a small nail file on my pipe Chanter reed to make it easier to blow but think I may have taken off too much. It now doesn't sound in tune. Is it on both sides of the reed that you work on, or just one. I did both was that wrong?

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Jan 03, 2015
striking in
by: Dave Keanie

Thanks for your help Bill in the reed problem I was having, I have bought a surefire reed which is similar to a practise Chanter reed although it is for use with the Pipes. It is a lot easier to play although striking in is a problem now..the Chanter reed is striking in along with the drones!

Once the drones are struck in I can now play a tune, it's just striking in I'm finding hard. I'm determined to get this right,

How long should I practise for?

Dec 06, 2014
making the reed easier to blow
by: Bill Robertson

Hello David,
Yes take off both sides, but not with a nail file. Some simpler normal ways are: with a fine enough emery/sand paper placed on a hard surface (table falt edge) rub the bladesa little each side up and down the way of the reed a lttle at a time then test. Initially if the reed is not terribly strong, it might help simply to give the chanter reed a squeeze with the the forefinger end thumb about the lower middle of the blades to weaken a while. Play then do the same again after a while if need be. If needing further action, then that with the suitable fine sand paper. other more severe mehtods usually involves manipulation of the staple as last resort, - also shaving the sharp edges of the blades witha very good sharp knifw --again a little at a time and testing. Your reed maker/supplier should help. Try also to let your supplier know the kind of strength you wish to have i.e. a new beginners, and advanced beginner etc., "easy - medium trength. I hope that helps, Bill

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