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Mouth position on blowstick.


Is it more comfortable to have the blow-stick positioned of to the side of the mouth (left side)or is it more comfortable to have it in the center of the mouth?

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Dec 28, 2011
Mouth position on blowstick
by: Bill Robertson

I would recommend the centre of the mouth for better looks, and as most good teachres might recommend. However, I use the outer left part of the mouth as it was the way I did from boyhood. I changed a few things as I progressed in my regiment usch as changing to the high A with third finger on, but retained the outer part of my mouth perhaps because I was used to it and the lip muscles had strenghened there accordingly. No one directed me to play in the centre, so it becomes a choice that suits you.

Make sure your blowstick has a good wide enough bore to avoid any constriction in your air pressure through being too narrow a bore. A suitable length also important for comfort and good posture.

All the best, and Happy New Year,


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