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New Band Chanter

by Sean
(South Australia)

Hi Bill

Have received my band chanter its MaCullum few years old.

The holes are bigger and look to be wider apart. I am having a lot of trouble getting my fingers to cover hole properly also ending in the right position over the holes.

Is this just a case of keep trying to get it to work on a finger memory basis.

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Dec 21, 2016
New band chanter
by: Bill Robertson

Hello Sean,
If you have gone through the basics from the beginning, and a few tunes played well on the practice chanter (a long-span practice chanter is preferable with its placing of the fingering holes more akin to the pipe chanter), it is a matter of trial and error a little at a time. I suggest that you go to "Bagpipe articles" left of site main page, and scroll to Bagpipe tuning, then Commencing to play the pipes from the beginning etc. The three stages should be taken as directed and demonstrated. That then should provide you with good positioning of the pipes, good posture, and the start up striking in etc. The first step after setting up etc., should be well practiced in getting use to the blwing with good positioning etc., without for soem having to play with the chanter sounding. Aas you go tryy getting the chanter to suit the position of you fingers that fit well, and feel for the holes to develop confidence of fingering which will come in the second step with the chanter sounding. Again develop confidence and correctness, then move on the the final stage.
I hope that helps. All the best for the festive Seasson, Bill R

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