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A bagpipe lesson for Night Patrol

Slow Air

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Night Patrol - Slow Air

The bagpipe lesson for the tune Night Patrol is to tell you about Terry McDowell of the Border Patrol Service, Texas, USA, 2003.

Tery MacDowell

Terry (ex US Marine Corps) was a keen piper with whom I exchanged correspondence and some of earlier my tutorials. He was a member of the small pipe band the Service had in his section. I decided to send the tune that he and his fellows might like to have. Soon afterwards a member wrote words to the tune that was accepted by his section as their song.

A few years ago, being like many Americans very patriotic, he volunteered for service in the US Army so that he could do his bit to help his country in its strife's abroad. He was still serving and as a Sergeant.

Now in 2016 I have not heard from Terry after trying to contact in various ways for some years.

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Night Patrol, Slow Air
Pipe Major Bill Robertson's audio recording of the lesson for the Night Patrol, Slow Air

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