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Pipe Chanter

by bagpipecrazy

For Christmas I received a set of bagpipes. I would like to buy a pipe chanter for my new bagpipes.

How do I know what pipe chanter to buy that will fit my bagpipes?

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Dec 30, 2013
Pipe Chanter
by: Bill Robertson

Hello Bagpipecrazy,

Most any good make of pipe chanter of a standard pitch should be alright.

I sugest that you Google "bagpipe makers" and find makers such as, Hardie, McCallum, Strathmore, Shepherd,David Naill and so on. I suggest that the cheaper and very good one made of platic would be suitable for you unless are a piper at the highest level.The difference in sound can hardly be perceptable, and the plastic is unlikely to break when ill treated etc.

I hope that helps.

Happy New Year,

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