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Problems with my chanter

by Matheus

Hi Bill!

My friend that just came fron Scotland, bought to me a bagpipe...

After some problems trying to understand how it works, I made the 3 drones work...In my bagpipe they are tuned in G i believe.

The problem is that when I play my chanter I can't get to the right notes...Im using a digital tuner to see the notes...When i try to do the F or the C, I have to change the pressure in my blow to reach sure that my finger positions are right...I want to know if that is normal, or the right way is to keep the blow constant to any note I want to play...

Thanks a lot!

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Aug 21, 2010
Problems with chanter
by: Bill Robertson

Sorry, I forgot to put my name to the comment today. However, I did sign off as "Bill".
Bill Robertson

Aug 21, 2010
Problem with my chanter
by: Anonymous

Hello Matheus,
I think you are trying to adjsut the chanter intervals to that of known pitch that is not that actually of the Highland bagpipe. We use the old terms of keynote low A etc., for convenience only but not fixed to a definite pitch. I suggest that you start by going to our website and clicking on left of main page on Bagpipe Articels, then when opened to scroll down to Tuning the bagpipe, and Positioning pipes top play to get some guidnace that might help you. The make of the pipes and the reeds need to be of good quality. Perhaps the pipes your friend brought for you might not be of good quality. Say, if the pipes were new and cost about Pounds Sterling 200- 500 then it is unlikley that the pipes would be of a good enough quality. The reeds might be suspect too.

Any further clarification you might want - simply contact me via the website contact form or by posting a reply to this post.

Best wishes,

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