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Rosewood pipe chanter

by Joseph Schropshier
(Columbia falls, Montana USA)

I have a set of pipes that my wife had purchased from ebay as a gift(uh oh). I can get the drones to play but the chanter won't sound, even with a Duncan Soutar easy strength reed. It does work when mouth blown, I have seasoned many times and the bag isn't leaky. I hear the air passing through the chanter and I have to squeeze the full bag so hard I believe that it will burst before I am able to get the slightest and short note.. but no sound! Do you have any idea as to why

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Apr 19, 2012
Rosewood chanter
by: Joseph Schropshier

Thank you William..I will give this a try and see if I am able to resolve the issue at hand...btw I am using A Duncan Soutar easy strenght reed in my chanter with Bannantyne composite power tones in my drones. I will be sure to keep in touch..P.S..I am in the process of purchasing a set of Dunbar polypencos hoping to just discard this "headache" but will most likely keep and mount these "pipes" on the wall to keep from offending my soon to be wife.

Apr 19, 2012
Rosewood chanter won't break in
by: William

I'm not a very experienced piper but one or two things comes to my mind. It sounds to me as if could be a defective reed. Have you played it in another chanter? If that chanter is a Pakistani marvel, you might want to check the clearance inside the reed "home". Ensure there is sufficient room for the reed to sit without pressing the reed's tips against the upper part of the PC. Get a small retractable tape measure - small enough to enter the reed's "home" and read the distance from the bottom of the upper blow pipe to where the tape will not go any further. Next, place the reed into the reed seat. Measure from the hemping area to the tip of the reeds tongues. Hopefully this distance will show it fits correctly.
I hope you get this corrected. Let me know what the problem is/was just in case that might happen to anyone else. What brand reed are you playing?

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