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Sharp C on chanter

by Joe McHugh

Why is the C slightly sharp on my chanter and other noted slightly off? -(six weeks newbie)

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Jun 01, 2017
Sharp C on chanter NEW
by: Bill Robertson

Hello Joe,
As you might know it is fairly common knowledge in Piping that when set up properly and well tuned drones that F and C are meant to be slightly sharp. It is down to the harmonics from the drones when tuned well are better with these two notes slightly sharp, especially C. Experiment by tuning your drones slightly sharper/down to find how the notes become flatter. Conversely when tuning more upwards in unison the chanter notes will sound relatively sharper. As you should know after all that that if all is well except a certain note being slightly sharper than it should be, application of a little at a time of suitable adhesive tape to the top of the hole will flatten the note.
I hope that helps. Any further questions - simply ask.
All the best Bill R

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