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The Beat

by Mark Strachan

Bill I have played on my own for a couple of years now. My question is how is one able to learn the beat?; I find when I am concentrating on the notes if I try and get the foot beating to the music I mess up on my chanter work. I have learned the tunes I do know by listening to other music played. Thank you in advance.

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Nov 09, 2013
The beat NEW
by: Bill Robertson

Hello Mark,
The beat put simply is thta which imparts the rhythm i.e. 2/4 is two beats to the bar, while 3/4 means three beats in each bar. The beat consists of the downbeat when beating time with the foot, and the upeat when the foot swings up in equal time to prrepare for the next beat and so on.
You can see the beats in the written music with the separation of the groups of the note in each bar.
Take Skyboat Song 6/8 compound time two beats to the bar : eah beat of a 1--2,3- rhythm first part two bars -1--2,3-; 1--2,3-; 1--2,3-;!--- full beat. The foot would be - down and up, down and up, and so on that you can say to yourself as you beat time slowly to it.Make sure the upbeat is not too short in relative duration.
You should, I feel, go back to basics and learn properly the correct fingering, execution of grae notes and their combinations along with very simple explanation of how to read the music that really is very easy -- and so on.
I trust that helps.



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