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Tune Of The Month for Sept 2011 - Oer the Bows to Ballindalloch
August 31, 2011

For this months lesson I have chosen the tune, Oer the Bows to Ballindalloch. The tune is a strathspey and is suitable for the late beginner.

I hope you enjoy the tune and remember to contact me via the website should you have any questions about the tune. This link will redirect you to a section, towards the bottom of the lesson page where you can submit your comment or ask me a question.


I have released a new product called DVD of Piobaireachd Technique. The DVD has taken me quite some time to create and publish. Essentially it is a self loading PDF document with links to video, audio and 15 fully written Ceol Mor with and explanatory audio file.

The videos and audio files are of the same style I use for the Bagpipe Tune lessons on my website.



As always, I am very impressed with your tutorial. Having it CD/DVD format rather than print is like having an instructor in my pocket (or briefcase) that I can carry around with me in my travels. Many people are travelling with laptops these days, and with the strict limitation on luggage weight it makes much more sense to carry the thin and lightweight disc rather than a heavier, bulkier book. That said, the fact that you allow for printing and self-binding is a nice bonus. That way, I can have the book at home and still have the material on disc when I travel. It is also a nice feature having everything linked together on the disc, so things are just a click away.

While there are some tutorials out there that include an audio disc, I think it's your videos that really bring home the instruction. Being able to SEE, as well as READ and HEAR what you are explaining makes all the difference in the world.

Reading: What is it that I'm supposed to do??

Hearing: Ah, ok, that's what it sounds like. But why don't I sound like that? What does he mean by what he says?

Seeing: Ah HA! So THAT'S what his fingers are actually doing!

I had said once before to you that the reworking of the Piobaireachd that you do, to present it in written form as played is essential. The Binneas book does this, but again, you must lug around a large, heavy book and get used to reading music with staff lines missing - not easy for everyone to do.

The tutorial is an essential tool for the piping student who wishes to delve into the world of Piobaireachd but cannot find a local instructor and is also an essential tool for a student with an instructor as it provides additional help and information to reinforce what he or she is being taught.

Finally, to me, the video clips are the best feature of the tutorial. They really help to clear away the clouds.

Thank you again for sharing this with me and for all of the help you have given me over the years we have known each other!

Mark Falzini

Anyway that is all for this month.

Best Regards.

Bill Robertson

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