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Tune Of The Month for July 2012 - John Roy Stewart
July 09, 2012

Please accept my apologies for the delay in publishing this months tune.

For this months bagpipe lessons I have chosen the strathspey, John Roy Stewart. This tune is suitable for advanced pipers.

I hope you enjoy the tune and remember to contact me via the website should you have any questions about the tune. This link will redirect you to a section, towards the bottom of the lesson page where you can submit your comment or ask me a question.


For the months of June, July and April we are having a Free DVD Draw. For more information please click the link for more information about Free DVD Draw

Congratulations to Keagan Kellog, Tuscon, AZ, who is the recipient of the DVD draw for June.

Mobile Test Page Feedback

My webmaster Greg is in the process of looking at how we can improve the websites presentation on mobile devices and as such he has set up a test page. He would appreciate your feed back on how well it presented on your mobile phone. Please see the links below.

This is the Test Page:

This is the Feedback Page:

That is all for this month.

Best Regards.

Bill Robertson.

Note please:
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