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Reel - Major David Manson
October 05, 2014

This month bagpipe lesson is for the reel Major David Manson.

I hope you enjoy the tune and remember to contact me via the website should you have any questions about the tune.

*** DVD Pricing Update ***

We are in the process of reviewing our pricing for the DVD's. This is due to us phasing out DVD's and supplying the tutorials on a flash drive. The price of the DVD tutorials has not been increased for about 5 years.

We expect to have the new pricing in place in about 6 weeks time. The price for the 115 Piobaireached Tutorials will stay as is. This means that the price for the Beginners, Advanced and Piobaireachd Tutorials will be increasing

The reason for us advising you about this is so that if you are considering purchasing a DVD you can take advantage of current pricing.

Best Regards.

Bill Robertson.

Note please:
If needing help with reed setting, manipulation etc., and much more that pipers need to know on maintenance, tuning etc., (band and solo) consider the highly reviewed The Complete Pipers’ Handbook and/or allied smaller book and DVD at


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