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Tune Of The Month for April 2013 - Marie Ban Og
April 02, 2013

For this months bagpipe lessons I have chosen the slow air, Marie Ban Og. This tune is suitable for intermediate onwards.

I hope you enjoy the tune and remember to contact me via the website should you have any questions about the tune.

Obituary - Tamar Stephens

We are so sorry and very saddened to learn about the passing of Tamar Stephens. She was such a great pupil in learning and taking on mostly the finer points with me in Piping.

She was a good Piper in her own right, but was always keen to advance that bit further. She was also a very good friend, and will be missed by myself, my wife Elizabeth, and I am sure by many in the piping World who have known Tamar in many ways.

Tamar's pupils will be saddened too and appreciative of all the piping knowledge she passed on to them.

Our heartfelt sympathies go to Tamar’s family. She will be sorely missed by all.

That is all for this month.

Best Regards.

Bill Robertson.

Note please:
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