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Tune Of The Month for April 2011 - Miss Proud
April 02, 2011

For this months lesson I have chosen the reel Miss Proud. The tune is a competition type reel which has enjoyed popularity with some famous pipers. the composer of the tune is unknown.

I hope you enjoy the tune and remember to contact me via the website should you have any questions about the tune. The above link will redirect you to a section, towards the bottom of the lesson page where you can submit a comment or ask a question.

Anyway that is all for this month.

Best Regards.

Bill Robertson

A New Publication

Pipe Major Brett Tidswell has produced a fine publication, The Bagpipe Instruction Manual. After a good run through, I think it is a very good, concise, quick reference that every piper should have.

A very good companion for those wanting and needing more wide-ranging helpful information is your other larger “Complete Pipers’ Handbook” naturally more worthwhile, being so well detailed and the best of its kind to my knowledge. Both books are very good value at the prices that should be well within most pipers’ reach. Your experience at the highest levels come through in your books.

Considering the money often wasted by many pipers on reeds with much fiddling etc., and not knowing really how to set the reeds, your books show pipers how to set up the bagpipe to produce a well balanced harmonic tone that makes it a joy to play well.

Pipers and pipe bands of all standards do not know what they are missing without those books that are so helpful, well illustrated, and a “steal”!

Brett also has a collection of tunes and ringtones for sale for a very reasonable price.

Interactive Bagpipe Tutorials on DVD

My 3 Interactive Bagpipe Tutorials accommodate pipers who are just beginning to learn how to play the bagpipes right through too those who wish to learn to play Piobaireachd.

You can view the DVD Tutorials at the following links:

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