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Tune Of The Month for June 09 - The Black Bear
June 01, 2009

I have chosen The Black Bear as the bagpipe lesson for the June 09 mailing.

This tune was asked for by a piper through our website recently. It is a small two parted very popular tune, yet some of the timing especially in the second part is not easily interpreted by some less experienced pipers

I would like to update my site with some new testimonials and would appreciate you submitting a testimonial for me. All submissions will be greatly appreciated. This link will take you a page on my website where you can submit your testimonial

Take care and enjoy the lesson.
Bill Robertson

Interactive Bagpipe Tutorials on DVD

My 3 Interactive Bagpipe Tutorials accommodate pipers who just beginning to learn to play the bagpipes right through to those who wish to learn to play Piobaireachd.

You can view the DVD Tutorials at the following links:

While you are on this page take a look at the short video which will give you overview of how the interactive DVD's work.

Pipeline BBC, Radio Scotland:

Radio Scotland have a weekly broadcast called Pipeline. There website has the following statement, "The definitive pipe music program, featuring news and recordings from the piping world". CLICK HERE to go to the Pipeline web site.

The program changes each week at the weekend and lasts just under the hour. Normally it contains quite a lot of mainly good solo piping (sometimes other that Highland), some bands, news, and featured extracts from top contests both solo and band shortly after the events. Some pipers have rather too high a pitch and as a result a thin sound, and odd lapses in rhythm etc., which we all have some more than others. Still, we can all learn from perceptive listening.

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