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Tune Of The Month - Hector MacLeans Warning
December 16, 2008

Please accept my apologies for the previous email, it was incorrectly titled. It was titled Royal Scots Polka instead of Hector MacLean's Warning.

I have chosen the tune Hector MacLean's Warning for this mailing.

A few months ago a piper requested this piece and indicated that it was because it was a set Piobaireachd for the Silver Medal event at the Northern Meeting (one of Scotland's premier solo competitions), Inverness, Scotland.

Don't forget to take a look at my Piobaireachd tutorial DVD called 111 Piobaireachd Tutorials. Comments made recently by critics, that there is not another Piobaireachd Tutorial as thorough as this one.

I recently developed two more tutorials, which I am releasing with this mailing. Both tutorials ship with FREE SHIPPING

  • Piobaireachd Technique This is an excellent resource for pipers who want to play Piobaireachd with good solid embellishments. The lessons come in the form of a PDF text document with hyperlinks to relevant audio and video files, which I use to demonstrate, further explain or emphasize certain points.
  • Bagpipe Maintenance This tutorials is also presented in PDF text document with hyperlinks to relevant audio and video files.

Wishing you and your Family all best for Christmas and New Year.
Bill Robertson

PS - Pipeline BBC, Radio Scotland:
Radio Scotland have a weekly broadcast called Pipeline. There website has the following statement, "The definitive pipe music program, featuring news and recordings from the piping world". CLICK HERE to go to the Pipeline web site

The program changes each week at the weekend and lasts just under the hour. Normally it contains quite a lot of mainly good solo piping (sometimes other that Highland), some bands, news, and featured extracts from top contests both solo and band shortly after the events. Some pipers have rather too high a pitch and as a result a thin sound, and odd lapses in rhythm etc., which we all have some more than others. Still, we can all learn from perceptive listening.

This link takes you to my updated Bagpipe Tutorials web page

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