About Greg Barnes and his involvement with the Bagpipe Tutorials website

Greg Barnes - Webmaster for Bagpipe TutorialsGreg Barnes

At heart, I am a farmer. Growing up in a small country town with a community who was closely linked to agriculture, helped germinate my love for the land and as such completed my last 3 years of schooling at Weston Agricultural College.

On completion of my two-year compulsory military service at I Parachute Battalion (SADF), I naturally progressed into being a career farmer. My preference was to grow crops over animal husbandry and managed sugar cane farms, commercial forestry plantations, avocado orchards and I have also worked in a nursery that produced flower and vegetable seedlings as well as tree seedlings for commercial forestry.

It was during this time that I met and married the love of my life Lyn. We are now the proud parents of four handsome young men.

Many years later I changed my career direction and started working in sales. I was never really all that comfortable with the career change and one thing led to another I ended up working in the tire industry.

It was in this industry that I had exposure to computing and started to develop an affinity for the technology. Which grew into an interest in data management and visualization, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and website development.

The Land of The Long White Cloud – New Zealand

My wife and I reached a point where we decided to emigrate to New Zealand. In October 2000 we landed in New Zealand and settled in Auckland.

My Involvement with Bagpipes

The love for bagpipe music must be genetic because of my Scottish ancestry. Every time I hear the scurl of the bagpipes playing, I am emotionally moved by the sound.

It has always been my desire to learn to play the bagpipe at some stage of my life, hence my connecting with Bill Robertson to do just that.

A New Challenge – Bagpipe Tutorials Website

Often in my conversations with Bill, he would express the desire to make his Bagpipe Lessons available on the internet and he wished that he could find a way to do this. I guess indirectly he was asking me to help him. 

After giving this some thought, I agreed to help him and that is how Bagpipe Tutorials website was started. I am happy with how it has developed into a resource for pipers all around the world.

The BIG Question – Can I play the bagpipes?

I am sure that you are longing to ask me. Can I play the bagpipes? No, I can't!

I bet that shocked you!!!

However, I can play the odd tune on a practice chanter and hopefully one day I will thump out a tune or two on the pipes. Make sure you are not around!!!