Angus MacKinnon

The composer of Angus MacKinnon is Pipe Major Donald Shaw Ramsay, a fine piper, composer, and Pipe Major, more famously of the World Champions, of the 1950's Edinburgh City Police Pipe Band.


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Angus MacKinnon - 6/8 March

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Lesson Pointers for Angus MacKinnon

March – Tempo about 84 BPM for performance.

Remember the basic beat rhythm of 1--2,3- and certain subtleties as mention in the audio file.

Additional Information

He I feel was the instigator of the present day medley event with his band playing in public concerts and the like sets of small strathspeys and reels (many in his re-arrangements), groups of jigs and horn pipes (some of his own composition) that were very attractive and appealing to those listening.

In the band's LP recording about that time a good number of these brackets were included and helped to make the form even more popular.

The tune I think was composed for one his band's pipers. It might be of interest to learn that Donald had some guest players in his band in the early 1950's that included my first Pipe Major, Willie Denholm, Piper Bob Gibson, and Drummer George Stewart of the 1st Bn. The Royal Scots. Willie Denholm came from The Kings Own Scottish Borderers when he took over the Pipes and Drums of The Royal Scots. He was prize winning composer of the 6/8 March “El Alamein” which commemorated the famous World War II battle in Egypt.

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