Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque

This bagpipe tune, a  2/4 march, Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque was composed by John MacColl a very successful piper, highland dancer and athlete.


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Lesson Pointers for Arthur Bignold of Lochrosque 

The tune is suitable for the more advanced piper. As in most strathspeys attention to controlled upbeats is important and helps to provide a certain lift to the rhythm when played pointed as in most marches of this type.

A slight feeling on certain downbeats also helps, yet without seemingly neglecting the upbeat duration – fairly subtle. Of course good clarity of execution must be there too.

Tempos in these marches are much slower relatively to that of marches for parade type marching, i.e. Beats per minute of 72 – 84 might apply for solo, with very slightly quicker for bands.

When first tackling this tune It should be taken very steadily and accurately of execution and controlled rhythm.

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Additional Information

John MacColl a very successful piper, highland dancer and athlete. He composed many great pipe tunes such as the 2/4 Marches of Jeannie Carruthers, The Clan MacColl, and The Argyllshire Gathering to name a few. He also won many senior solo piping competitions and was very active bagpipe tutor.

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