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A selection of Bagpipe lesson Testimonials received from grateful pipers around the world.

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It must be admitted that you, and your Tunes of the Month, have been a positive influence on all of our pipers here; as well as myself. You are considered one of the best piping instructors of our day; and, it is a privilege to learn from you, Bill; which I continually do for objective, defined and measurable reasons:

  • You simplify tunes so that they are achievable to learn correctly;
  • Your playing is not the usual and common "wooden" approach to piping mastery; you play with feeling, warmth and depth;
  • You bring out historical concepts which magnify the texture of the Highland art of piping; making it much more interesting.

That's why I promote your videos, Bill.

We think of you often,

Woody BayBride

25th May, 2012.



I don't know if I have mentioned before but your Course which I bought from you has really helped me on the pipes.

I met up with a couple of pipers who were in the group I was with before and they were surprised at the progress I have made.

I recommended your lessons to them.

Thank you once more.


18th May, 2012.



Dear Pipe Major Robertson,

I continue to enjoy your site. It's instruction is superb. You are teaching more than piping here you know. You are teaching Music and, uniquely, you teach the bearing and manner of a piper.

Thanks very much,

Tom McCurdy
15th May, 2012.



Hi Bill,

I recieved your DVD's yesturday. I spent a couple hours last night beginnning to review them. They appear to be all that I expected and will help my piping immensely.

Thanks for all your efforts and for the speedy service.

22nd June, 2011.



Hi Bill,

I'm so sorry it took so long but your DVD is working just fine, great, great stuff. There is more than anyone could want. I did a walk through and all the knowledge that's in here is priceless. I love the slow air My Home. It is one of my favourites. So a lot to do and study.

I like the part on mental practice, I do a lot of that with guitar music and have been doing it with pipe music. Seeing yourself playing the tune, and getting all the grace notes in place, and so on.

Ok Bill will talk to you soon I hope.

Thanks for everything.

All my best.

Brook Betts
29th May, 2011.



Hi Bill,

I'm responding to your previously sent message. I have found the two tutorials I ordered a huge help. I'm back on track with my piping and without your help and the tremendous amount of work you must have put into producing the DVD's, my piping very definitely wouldn't be on track.


Thanks, once again. Your DVD's have allowed me to bridge the gap and something should have done a long time ago – ain't hindsight a wonderful thing !!!

All the best.

Kind regards.

Ross Andrew
26th May, 2011.



Hello Mr. Robertson,

I want to say thank you for sharing of yourself and knowledge through this wonderful website. I am a relatively new piper at age 55. However my exposure to the bagpipes goes a way back to when I was a boy.

My grandfather Alexander 'Sandy' Davidson, born in Aberdeen 1898 played and encouraged me with a practice chanter and a book at age 12 but at the time all I wanted was to play the guitar {Beatles and such}.

Three and a half years ago I joined a local pipe band and have been putting a lot of effort into learning, playing and enjoying the pipes! I stumbled upon your website and the lessons have been invaluable to say the least.

Thanks again and Cheerio
Brad Davidson
25th February, 2011.



Hi Bill,

This is to confirm my lesson with you tomorrow. I have had a lot of work related travel the past few weeks and feel that I haven't done as much as I wanted to. I have tried to focus on 6/8 marches to retrain my ear and my fingering to give proper weight to the final note in each beat, and not slide into the next beat early. I'm certainly paying attention to it with my students, and they are getting the benefit of many things I have learned as you have pointed out deficiencies in my own playing. So your instruction is having a hopefully beneficial ripple effect.

I'll look forward to tomorrow, but it for any reason this isn't a good time, please let me know.


24th October, 2010.



Hi Bill,

Thank you very much! I am, finally, subscribed to your tune of the month. The strathspey info is going to be very helpful both for the band and for myself. I will pass this along.

I am heading up to Albany, NY later today. Tomorrow we have the "Capital District Games". Several of us in the band are doing solos (ranging from Grade IV (me) up to the Professional level) and we have both Grade V and Grade III band competition in the afternoon. I will report back with the results!

Thanks again!

Mark Falzini
4th September 2010.



Howdy Mr. Robertson,

Received the two disks yesterday and got right on about installing them. I love the quick link embedded files to the makes the relevant learning possible with an active example right there at the time of reading.

It's a good thing I installed a brand new 500GB hard drive earlier that day because I didn't realize the size of the disks would have overloaded my computers hard drive.

Thanks again looking forward to get on with my learning.

Billy Malone
8th April 2010.



Hi Bill

Just a quick line to let you know the DVD's arrived today in good order. I have checked them, and they are working as they should. If you have written, filmed and spoken your lifetime's experiences in piping in those discs, I would believe that you have been a piper for some 299 years or so......There is so much!

Bill, a big compliment to you. It's obvious you have put an enormous amount of time in those DVD's, and at first glance I'm already convinced they're worth every penny.

Anyway, you did your part, now it's my turn to learn it all, and not to loose heart. That'll keep me occupied for a couple of years ....

Well, as I believe they say in Scotland and Ireland:

May the winds be in yer back,
The sun warm your face and the
grass you walk upon, and may
the roads rise to meet ye

Best wishes and thanks from Holland,

Kees Knegt
2nd March 2010.
Spijkenisse, the Netherlands




Your 2 DVDs have just arrived last Thursday in perfect condition. I quickly checked them running some Movies and MP3s...everything fine. I started with your tutorial which runs excellent on my Macintosh computer (Adobe linking fine with the movies and sound files!).

I also want to express my gratitude for the very thoughtful arrangement of the seems to me that you thought of everything one needs to know in order to approach piping and the bagpipe itself. A well done piece of work with many of your valuable experiences and knowledge built-in! Thanks very much!!!

I wish you all the best and overall health for you and your beloved one's. Many regards to "down-under"

18th January 2010.



Hi Greg,

The DVD arrived in the mail ok today and I installed the files on my computer. It's all working just fine. Thanks for the assistance ... AND WHAT AN AMAZING RESOURCE!! I'm astounded by the quality of it, and the obviously intense and prolonged work that went into producing it.

Also, I checked out the links in the earlier email - I particularly like that BBC piping radio show. It doesn't seem they've got it so that you can put in on a portable mp3 player yet, so I'll need to play it on my computer. Whatever. Great show.

Thanks again to you and Bill.
Dave Stewart
5th January 2010.




... thank you for making the effort with your DVD it has been invaluable ... I found a piping instructor here at Edinboro University and have been taking lessons from him for about a year now ... he was amazed how far I had come with no personal instruction other then you ... In fact, I played my first funeral back in August. I played Amazing grace just as you taught it to me ... (On the DVD.)

Again Thanks
David Lindsay
25th December 2009.



... I feel that what Bill is doing with his piping knowledge leaves all the other tuition site behind and is a great credit to him ...

Terry Power
16th October, 2009.



Thank you so much for putting your tutorials online. My pipe instructor past away. The only help I get is to go to camps. It is nice to have some more guidance.

Heidi Wood
United States
9th October, 2009.



Dear Mr. Robertson

Thank you very much for the information and your time, I think the information you provided will resolve this issue.


Stephen Harrington
San Jose, Ca
5th October, 2009.



Dear Bill,

I thought that I would just express my thanks and admiration for your Advanced Comprehensive Guide.

The more I use it the more appreciative I become.


Allister Smith
28th September, 2009.




I just wanted to congratulate you both on the superb coverage in the latest online Piping World.

The item about Henrik Idoff Hornhaver being able to sit RNZPBA certificates via Skype is fantastic profiling for the Association.

Thank you both for making it happen.

Iain Blakeley – RNZPBA
28th September, 2009.



Hi Bill,

Just to let you know that your dvd's are brilliant they are great help they cover everything (Bills comment, “almost everything”) there is to know about the bagpipes.

Geoffrey Heatrick
United Kingdom
7th August, 2009.



Hi Bill,

Just thought I would pass positive comment your way on the huge developments you have achieved since the start of your first book now many years ago. I don't think I would have envisaged at the time it progressing to the level of sophistication it is at now with on line tutorials, blogs and subscriptions. It was the article in the Duntroon piping I get emailed to me that alerted me to your site. Fantastic to see how far you have brought piping tuition along Bill.

Gordon Jones
New Zealand
3rd August, 2009.



Your site makes learning the pipes easy. As i don't have the time nor the money for lessons. I have taught my self to play Amazing Grace on the small pipes. Lots of CD to listen to as well helps.

Peter Hill
United States
4th July, 2009.



Dear Bill,

The two DVD's arrived on the morning of Thursday 25th June, well packed and in perfect condition.

I have briefly reviewed both DVD's and they appear to be 'fully functional'. Although I am blessed with a Pipe Major who is a superb teacher in the band I belong to, there are many times I wish he were about to just show me again or explain again how something should be done. Your DVD's will fulfill that role very well I believe. I'm sure they will also give me a huge amount of information that I would otherwise have acquired over several years.

I'm sure that with the aid of your DVD's, my learning progress will be considerably speeded up.

Thank you for taking the time to produce such comprehensive teaching aids and sharing your knowledge.

God bless,

Hugh Crosland
United Kingdom
1st July, 2009



Hello Bill,

Just wanted to say thank you for the awesome website. It sure is a blessing to have veteran pipers like yourself, take time to help those of us newer to the great highland bagpipes.

Again thank you for what you do!

Greg Akers
3rd July, 2009.



Hi Bill,
I felt that this morning's session was good. I learned to play pipes when I was 15. I have had about four years of private instruction – two years with my first instructor, and two with a later instructor. Both of my instructors taught me well, and introduced me to a good variety of solid tunes. I attended the Seamus MacNeill summer school of piping in 1979, and have gone to the Mastery of Scottish Arts school three times during the past several years. Our band has also brought instructors up to do workshops. All of these have been wonderful teachers. But, piping school doesn't allow the time and individual attention to parse out the details of correct expression and execution the way I am getting it from you. And workshops are geared toward the band as a whole, not individual refinement. Most of the intervening time I have relied on a combination of recordings and my own understanding of the music to advance my repertoire and skills.

Already from the sessions with you, my awareness has heightened quite a bit, and I have been able to use this increased understanding to improve instruction with my own students. I'm already looking forward to our next session. Thank you for taking me on as a student!
Tamar Alaska



Just a quick note to say that I am delighted to have found your site. I decided this week that I would finally follow my dream since childhood to learn the bagpipes. My practice chanter arrived in the post last night. I then searched the net for some basic instructions for beginners.

I am very impressed by your tutorials. The video showing finger positioning was excellent. I immediately understood what I needed to do. One day later, having practiced every hour for 15 minutes or so ( between my uni study schedule) just getting a feel for my fingers being in the right places, relaxing and going up and down the scale, I have made more progress than I had imagined.

I will soon move on to your next tutorial, Playing Single Intervals.

Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge, skills. You are also clearly a very good teacher.

Most likely I'll be purchasing your CDs once I have progressed far enough with the online materials.

Danni Danielsson
5th May 2009




Thanks you so much for the notation. It means a lot to me. I really love your website and your YouTube tutorials. I am definitely going to buy your tutorial CD/DVDs as well. You are truly a credit to the honorable tradition of MacCrimmon.

Bliadhna mhath ur,

Ronald Dickey
3rd January 2009



Hello Bill

I received your delivery in best condition, thank you very much.

I'm astonished, how many informations you have packed on the CD, this is an excellent work!

I started with playing the bagpipe before about 2 years, also my wife Marlise. For us older persons (we are over 60), Switzerland is not a good place to learning the bagpipe. We have not many good bands and they are generally only open for younger peoples.

Good learning material is very important for us, so that we can enhance our skills between the annual Summerschool from the BAG in Germany, where we take part in the last years.

Best regards to you and Elizabeth and a happy New Year


Ernst Dubach
Stockweg 14
CH-5022 Rombach
31st December 2008



Dear Mr. Robertson,

Hello and thank you very much. I received this morning your dvd in good condition. It's really very kind of you to have included both beginner and advanced manuals and everything. I already took a look at it and I can see I have actually much to learn from the beginners section. It seems to me really comprehensive and easy to use. I am very happy with it and trust it will allow me to reach the next level (and the next after that too !). It looks like I have occupation for some times. It's winter now on this side of Earth, long nights will pass faster !

I wish you all the best. Thank you again.

Best regards.

27th November 2008.



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