Bagpipe Tunes

This is a selection of Bagpipe Tunes taught by Bill. Bill's bagpipe lessons breakdown the tune into sections and then using audio and video, he explains each section. This means that you can progress learning to play the tune one section at a time.

The bagpipe lessons are published periodically. Where possible the bagpipe lessons will include:

  • Free downloadable bagpipe sheet music.
  • An audio lesson of the tune.
  • A video lesson for the tune.
  • When necessary other supporting materials.

The order for the tune links is Tune Name - Type/Category - Level/Suitability.

Bagpipe Tune List

Below is the list of bagpipe lessons for 89 bagpipe tunes published by Bill.

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    Jan 20, 18 03:41 PM

    Donald Maclean's Farewell to Oban - A bagpipe lesson by P/M Bill Robertson, broken down in sections with commentary. The bagpipe lesson includes audio, video commentary and downloadable sheet music

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  2. Music Stands

    Jan 09, 18 12:44 AM

    Hello Bill Can you tell me, is done to use a music stand to read the music whilst playing the pipes if not sure of the tune? myself I don't think so. I

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  3. Bruce Campbell Interviews Pipe Major Bill Robertson

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    Bruce Campbell from Piping World interviews Pipe Major Bill Robertson

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