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The Battle Of Glenshiel

The Battle of Glenshiel, 1719, was another indecisive battle in the struggle of the “Old Pretender” James Francis Edward Stuart, to regain the throne of Britain lost by his father, James II. Although indecisive, this battle brought an end to the campaign that he had first launched in 1715. In retrospect, indecisiveness seems to have been an unfortunate characteristic of both the “Old Pretender” and the commanders he chose.


Spanish and Scottish mercenaries had been brought to Glenshiel near the head of Loch Duich in the Kintail area on the West Coast to join with a force of Jacobites in a campaign intended to lead the way to the throne. Many of the mercenaries that sailed from Spain never reached Kintail because of a storm that wrecked troopships with the loss of lives.


Unfortunately for the Jacobites, Munro and MacKay clansmen along with a small Government force were soon there to oppose them. Although the outcome of the battle was indecisive, it did result in the dispersal of the Jacobite clansmen and their foreign allies. It brought an inglorious end to a campaign to restore the heir to the throne vacated by James II.


Iain Dall MacKay, whose patron for long had been Munro of Foulis, composed the piobaireachd.


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