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The Bicker


The Bicker is sometimes referred to as The Coggie.


A bicker is a bucket-shaped traditional drinking vessel with upright handles. A coggie, on the other hand, has down turned curved handles.


To a piper it would matter little whether the drink was in a bicker or a coggie, just so long as one could not see the bottom. Obviously this tune is a timeless tribute to both the vessel that held the “water of life” and to the drinker who took joy in sipping the precious dew.


A poet might call it an ode to the drink. Burns put the matter this way:

There’s cauld kail in Aberdeen An’ custocks in Stra'bogie Where ilka lad main hae his lass, But I main hae my coggie. For I main hae my coggie, sirs, I canna want my coggie; I wadna gie my three-girred cog For a' the wives in Bogie.


The composer of this piobaireachd is unknown.


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