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Pipe Major Bill Boyle, New Zealand Scottish Regiment


Pipe Major Bill Boyle, New Zealand Scottish Regiment was dedicated by me to Bill Boyle because he was such a fine piper. Bill was also a good friend who I liked for his geniality, his very high standard of polished piping, and his willingness to exchange views etc., on Piping.


He liked the tune and played it at a function when I was in Christchurch, judging a big solo competition circa 1970s. When I listened to Bill giving a small recital at the function I thought that I recognized the tune, but he played only the first three parts.

I had a chat with him afterwards and mentioned that I thought I recognized the tune as one I had composed a few years before and forgotten all about it until that moment. Bill said that he liked the tune but not the fourth part.

I agreed and said that I would have a look at it and send the new version to him for his opinion. As he liked the new fourth part, I asked him if I could have the honor of naming the tune after him and he agreed.

The tune is fairly popular in New Zealand and Australia, and has been played on the BBC Radio Scotland Pipeline program the past few years in recitals by the well known New Zealand pipers Greg Wilson, and Richard Hawke, presumably in honor of Bill Boyle who I am sure they respected as much as I did.

To the best of my knowledge, Bill never played outside New Zealand, yet in my opinion he would have competed very favorably in the top solo competitions in Scotland given the chance.

Bill also had his territorial regimental Pipes and Drums of the New Zealand Scottish Regiment up to a high level winning the New Zealand A Grade (Grade 1) championship a number of times.

The second time fourth part is as originally, but different to that in The Royal Scots Bagpipe Music Book – my error.


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Pipe Major Bill Boyle the New Zealand Scottish Regiment

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Pipe Major Bill Boyle, New Zealand Scottish Regiment
Pipe Major Bill Boyle


Cover photograph taken from one of two very good LPs that Bill made with organist Gordon Ogilvy (also a piper) in the chapel of St. Andrews College, Christchurch, New Zealand.

When recording the slow air Hector the Hero, Bill told me that Gordon followed on the organ mirror Bill's fingering to avoid any time lapse with Bill approaching from the other end of the chapel for the fading in effect that was very good.

Bill's pipes which he was proud of were by James Robertson of Edinburgh.

See also that includes a small biography:

The Comunn na Piobaireachd Inc. NZ has some information about the William Boyle Memorial Foundation



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