Brig o' Perth

For this bagpipe lesson Pipe Major Bill Robertson explains how to play Brig o' Perth. The video and audio tutorials are broken down into sections with the accompanying explanations. The sheet musics is available for download


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Brig o' Perth

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Lesson Pointers for playing cuttings

As noted above, pay attention to the duration of dotted notes relative to the very short (yet clear) notes, and the four beats to the bar without jumping onto a beat too early as tends to happen in error. A certain feeling or accent on the first beat in each bar helps to control the rhythm and pace of the strathspey, even if just in your mind as you play. The principles applies to all strathspey's.

A good hint to remember and apply subtly is to relax on the first short note when two short notes are in succession i.e. as in the first bar second to third beat low A, C tachum to dotted low A, and fourth beat to next second bar cutting beat E, C to dotted E with accurate high G grace notes; similarly elsewhere in the tune.

Additional Information

The title Brig o' Perth most likely refers to one of a number of bridges over the River Tay that runs through the City of Perth in Scotland.

This strathspey is mainly for the intermediate piper and more advanced beginner. I like this one for its rhythmic spring of the dance. Strathspey's are one of the most neglected in terms of rhythm and dance.

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