By Loch Etive Side - Slow Air

By Loch Etive Side- a bagpipe lesson by Pipe Major Bill Robertson, broken down in sections with commentary. The bagpipe lesson includes audio, video commentary and downloadable sheet music. Included also is an accompanying jig - Glasgow City Police Pipers

This lesson is dedicated to Bill's late wife Elizabeth Robertson. Sadly Elizabeth passed away on 23 November 2018.

Elizabeth was a very kind, loving and caring person. She always supported Bill in his piping endeavors and Rhona with her top-level sporting achievements. She also loved and supported her son in law Greig and her two grand children Kade and Lucy.

Elizabeth's passion was to help the elderly and for many years served and helped those in need of care.

Listen to Bill's Audio Instruction
By Loch Etive Side - Slow Air

Download the music sheet for By Loch Etive Side

Click to download the tune notation for By Loch Etive Side

Lesson Pointers

(i)  By Loch Etive Side.

Beware not to cut the short 16th notes/semi-quavers too much. Relax on these cuttings by raising the fingers concerned a little higher than you might normally. Have a relaxed attitude in mind all the way. The high G grace notes must be spot on the relevant relaxed cuttings. The recordings should help. Tempo – not too slowly, but song-like.

(ii) Glasgow City Police Pipers

Remember the jig rhythm of the beat of 1,2,3- each beat, almost very evenly.  Avoid dwelling relatively on “1”. The strikes on all these high As must not resemble a high A doubling. Simply lift the thumb “2” clearly each time. Take slowly at first often enough to get the habit.

Pipe Major Donald MacLeodPipe Major D. MacLeod left with Director Pipe Major W. Ross, pointing. About a few years after WW2 on Pipe Majors’ Course, Donald MacLeod on the left wearing the nice Mackenzie kilt of the Seaforth Highlanders.

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