Caber Feidh - 4/4 March

This bagpipe lesson is for the 4/4 march, Caber Feidh. This tune is suitable for later beginners and onwards. 


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Caber Feidh - 4/4 March

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Lesson Pointers for Caber Feidh - 4/4 March

A fairly simple melody that is suitable for later beginners and onwards.

There are four beats to the bar in Simple Time. Tempo for musical performance would be about 84-90 BPM; a bit faster for others to march to. It is advisable when first encountering a tune to study the music carefully, play slowly and correctly in little one or two bar groupings at a time with repeats as necessary to become more familiar with rhythm and good clarity of execution.

The basic beat rhythm of the Simple Time tunes is say as in the first bar beats: Down/Up, Down/Up, Down/Up, and Down /Up, when beating time. Pipers tend to neglect the downbeat by moving from it a shade too early relatively especially when the two tied notes in a beat are of equal value i.e. two eighth notes or quavers.

There is plenty of time in such tunes as this one to have good execution of the embellishments and controlled regular rhythm. Memorize in each two bar mini-phrases, or short clauses, and find how some are repeated in each part. When bringing to mind a tune, simply think of the first bar of the tune, and it comes.

Additional Information

This traditional always popular March is also in other forms as Strathspey, Reel, and more relatively recent times a Jig. It was the Regimental March (March Past) of the Seaforth Highlanders, 72nd and 78th regiment of the British Army.

Seaforth Highlanders

Cabar Feidh means the "Deer's Head" or "Deer's Antlers" of the MacKenzie clan.

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