The Caledonian Society of London

This bagpipe lesson is for The Caledonian Society of London Bill breaks the lesson down into sections with commentary for each section.

The tune is a strathspey and for the intermediate and advanced pipers.


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The Caledonian Society of London - strathspey

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Lesson Pointers for The Caledonian Society of London

Maintain four beats to the bar that helps to keep control of the regular rhythm of the dance that has a kind of bounce to the steps and in the playing.

Avoid dropping off some beats early as happens at times even with the best pipers. In general attention to the dotted notes relative duration helps. One example that tends to happen is in the first two parts second and sixth bars C to longer low A. The low A after the common open type C doubling often does not have the rest of the beat relative duration (dotted note). I’ll try to remember to show it in the relative video.

Triplets or triplings as we tend to say in Piping that occur often in this tune must have the clarity of the three notes with the third longest note relatively long enough within the beat values.

The audio comentry below has more detail than the video, so please use it often enough as necessary.

Additional Information

The Caledonian Society of London was formed is a society of Scotsman domicile in London with purpose to bring together those with a kindred spirit for fellowship and to encourage charitable works. Formed in 1837 it is focused advancing Scottish cultural and philanthropic interests.

The society had a pivotal role in the formation of the London Scottish Regiment and supports the endeavours education and welfare endeavours of Scotscare and The Royal Caledonian Education Trust.

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