Center's Bonnet

For this bagpipe lesson Pipe Major Bill Robertson steps you through the Jig, Center's Bonnet. He breaks the tune into sections and provides a comment for each section


Audio Instruction
Pipe Major Bill Robertson's audio lesson for the bagpipe tune Center's Bonnet

Download the Music Notation

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Lesson Pointers for Center's Bonnet

Points to consider when playing this jig are:

Two beats to the bar.

Beware of the many short notes that must be relaxed to a degree with clean high G grace notes spot on the short notes for good clarity without clipping these notes.

In the second part I have written the first beat E to low A with equal value of each a dotted eighth note to show that the E must not be held relatively too long to allow the taorluath to be played strongly within the rhythm.

The fourth part downbeat high As and Fs are written evenly with their tied notes to allow these notes to be clear enough without clipping. Simply lift the appropriate upper hand fingers and thumb a bit higher off the chanter to allow the more relaxed clarity.

The audio and video will demonstrate these above.

Additional Information

Piper James Centerimage courtesy of

Although only one person suggested Center's Bonnet, I am sure many would like to have it this month. I think the title of the jig was in honour or considering some point of the bonnet of the famous soloist and later bagpipe maker of note in the early 20th Century, James Center who competed in solo events along with Pipe Major Willie Ross the composer.

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