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Chanter finger positions

Where can I get sheet music with clear finger positions relating to tunes played, I purchased a book on the internet that professed to having this, but when I received this booklet the printing was illegible, so I sent it back! MichaelC Rogers.

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Oct 21, 2017
Chanter finger positions
by: Bill Robetson

Hello Michael,
I do not know of any graphics of the kind you mention that shows the fingers as you play. The only way I do it is with MP4 video that goes with my interactive tutorials demonstrations.
You can see examples etc., in our website left of main page in Bagpipe Tunes that has over 50 of the back numbers of my tunes of the month.
That might help, although you should be trained, or train yourself, to know the finger positions according to the written notation.
I trust that helps.

Bill R

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