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Chanter reed plays before drone reeds

by Paul
(Burnie, Tasmania, Australia)

Hello Bill,

I am having trouble taking up pipes after a 6 years break.

When I strike in the drones the chanter plays in advance. A stronger chanter reed seems to be the answer. However, the strength of the chanter reed at that point makes it impossible for me to play the chanter.

Thanks for a very helpful website.


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May 29, 2012
Chanter reed plays before drone reeds
by: Bill Robertson

Hello Paul,
Endeavour to strike in your pipes more gently when first striking/pushing on the bag (not punching and at full blast). Try not to have too much air pressure at first and just have only your drone sound a good few seconds then increase the pressure to bring in the chanter clearlyon E (both hands in the proper position for E and not flat sounding on the E).
Calm down and practice striking in often enough as suggested - Drones only steadily about 5 seconds with both hands after three seconds on the chanter for your E. Take steps longer for a while if necessary.
Hope that helps,

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