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A Historical Account for Cherede Darievea


This nameless tune illustrates wonderfully well the late Pipe Major Donald MacLeod's view that many of these so-called minor piobaireachd are among the most beautiful in the repertoire.


What is unknown is its origin and its inspiration. What is known is the tune's wistfulness. From its sadness one might imagine it to be a tune that reflects a great personal loss, whether of life or of forced hopelessness. Did it spring from the loss of a beloved? Or did it spring from a ruthless clearance invoked by a greedy landlord?


Although we may never know the precise answer to such questions, we can take much satisfaction from listening to this ‘great music’ when played by a master piper, that is, one who has an intuition about how the theme of the music should be expressed and the capability to honor that theme throughout his rendition.


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