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Clan Ranald's Salute


The Clan took the appellation Ranald from a son of Iain MacDonald, 1st Lord of the Isles.


In the early years, this branch of the Clan suffered much as a result of turbulence and cruelty initiated by their own Chieftains. Indeed, one Dougall in the 1500's was so vicious that the Clan rose against him and slew him. They then elected a successor who also turned out to be cruel although not as vicious as his predecessor.


Ranald, for whom the tune was written, came out in 1745 for Prince Charles Edward Stuart. He led his clansmen at Culloden. After the Jacobite defeat, he escaped Scotland and spent his days in exile.


The composer is unknown but was most likely of Clan Ranald, a source of many fine pipers and composers.


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