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cleaning the bag

by Travis

I am new to the bagpipes although I've been playing Irish/Scottish music for many years. I have some bagpipes that have been laying in a box for a few years and am thinking I may need to clean out the bag.

What could I use, water and then air dry it?

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Mar 21, 2016
Cleaning the bag NEW
by: Bill Robertson

Hello Travis,
Lou's advice a couple of days earlier just about say it all very well.
Most old leather bags are best destroyed, and replaced with another good suitably sized treated leather bag, or,suitable sized synthetic material bag such as "Gortex". When/if changing the bag be sure to clean the stocks well before assembling onto the bag. Also angle the fitting of the blowpipe stock towards your mouth, and similarly the base drone stock a bit towards your shoulder. One should have the manufacture's directions on bag fitting etc. Alternatively you can search the Net. I can provide you with a page or two by email to help, if you wish - at:
All the best,
Bill R

Mar 20, 2016
Cleaning the pipe bag
by: Lou

A workshop several decades ago suggested a quick rinse with water and hexol, or Lysol if hexol was not available. That was before synthetic bags. My leather bag was never the same, and I learned to hate the smell of Lysol forever. It is not likely that bacteria thrived in the bag over long unused periods. If a leather bag, and if still pliable and intact, then get some good bag seasoning and work it in. Drain it overnight. Clean the stocks of excess seasoning, cork them, and check for airtightness. If no or only minor leaks, enjoy your renewed piping. It may be that the bag will not be pliable nor retain it's strength depending on how long it was stored. Start comparative shopping for a new bag. The several styles of hybrid bags are very good. Leather bags are still reliable, though brands some come with extra features of installed grommets and zipper.

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