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Coming Back to the Piping Scene after 25+ Years!

by Henrik Idoff Hornhaver
(Lolland, Denmark)

When I decided to take up piping after a break of more than 25 years, I was in the need for exercise and practice. Having moved to the countryside – which I have not regretted for a single minute – I am far away from any pipe bands and instructors.

I had to look for alternative tuition and did a lot of research in order to find CD’s, DVD’s or similar to support my efforts getting back to former standards.

There is no need to list all the products I have in my drawings. One product is so much better than the rest: Pipe Major Bill Robertson’s bagpipe tutorial DVD's.

Using Bill’s DVD’s I have just certified for level 1 and 2 – Preliminary and Elementary piping from College of Piping, Royal New Zealand Pipe Band Association and are now headed for level 3 and 4. No need to buy additional tutors!

I could not have done that without the help of Bill and I would like to share my experience with you.

On Bill's DVD's the ”Beginners Guide” and ”A Comprehensive Guide” covering all aspects of piping from absolute beginner to competition level.

The tutorials are presented to you as PDF files and when you first open them, you might think that this is just another bagpipe tutorial converted to PDF to be displayed on the screen.
Do not be fooled!!!

Bill’s text has the benefits of a book. You can print out and just read it in your own tempo - I prefer to feel the paper in my hands while reading - and Bill’s text is very well written and has a wealth of information. A long life’s experience is stored in these documents. Nothing is left for you to guess.

However, Bill’s PDF’s have so much more to give. From the very beginning, you will find links to video clips and audio files to support the text.
As many of you, I guess, I cannot remember all that is said in a video or a sound file. When the video or the audio file has ended, I have forgotten half of it. Bill knows that and uses text to bind video and audio to the lesson in a manner that makes you remember far more. You can read the text while you listen to the audio and this is the very best way to learn.

I know Bill as a very patient man, but when it comes to that, his DVD’s are even more patient. On your demand, you can get the same lesson over and repeatedly again until you are able to remember the stuff.

When you read the text, listens to the audio files and view the video’s you will notice, that Bill loves to give away his knowledge in order to teach you piping.

Nothing is for free, you have to work with these DVD’s. The best tuition is given in a classroom face to face with an instructor. If you have the self discipline and is determined to learn to play Bill’s system is the closest to classroom tuition you can get.

Thank you Bill!

Henrik idoff Hornhaver

Distant Piper

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