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Cronan Borreraig


This piobaireachd was composed by Pipe Major James Watt who died in 2000.


James Watt had a vision in his mind and was inspired to transpose his vision into musical form. He introduced me to the tune by saying that he often thought of the MacCrimmons. He saw them as family men as well as musicians and warriors. He could see their home at Borreraig. In the house he could see a room where most of the light came from a fireplace. A haze of smoke imbued the room with the smell of peat.


Seated by the side of the fireplace he saw an old granny holding a young child. She was crooning to the child who was either asleep or just falling asleep. The croon was gentle and soothing, a croon that had probably been sung by countless MacCrimmon women over the centuries.


James Watt's piobaireachd reflects that vision.


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