Cutty's Wedding

For the strathspey Cutty's Wedding, Bill talks you through section by section, with detailed audio commentary how to play the tune. The video is for strathspey exercises to assist with playing the tune


Listen to Bill's Audio Instruction
Cutty's Wedding - Strathspey

Download the Music Notation

Click to download the tune notation for Cutty's Wedding - Strathspey

Lesson Pointers for Inter-continental Gathering

Remember the important controlled four(4) beats/pulses to the bar and the contrasting longer and shorter notes, yet with good clarity. 

Approach steadily a bar at a time endeavoring to maintain the strathspey rhythm. Feel a certain strong accent at the beginning of each bar, yet without appearing to disturb the regular bouncing rhythm of the dance. The short “D” * in each last bar, should be slightly relaxed to the rather open doubling on “C” to longer low “A”– Refer video for the execution of this type of strathspey movement. The short high “A's” * 7th bar last part have similar slight relaxation to assist good clarity of the cuttings.

Tempo at first 80 BPM (beats per minute) or slower with controlled beats, then about 100 BPM normally.

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