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Dawning Of Day


The Dawning Of Day was composed by Pipe Major James Watt, who died in Surrey, British Columbia in 2000. I think of the composition as a Tone Poem in cèol mor form.


The inspiration for the tune came from his experience as a commercial salmon fisherman.


Imagine yourself 20 miles offshore on the broad Pacific Ocean in the time immediately before dawn. You are on a small trolling vessel, about 36 feet in length. You are anchored in deep water on the La Peruse Bank off Bamfield on the west coast of Vancouver Island. The boat is gently rocking in a kindly swell.


When you first come on deck rubbing the sleep from your eyes, you see that for once the air is clear, completely absent of fog. The distant mountains are black against the sky. You make your way in the dark to the foredeck to haul in your anchor.


As you begin the long, slow process of mechanically winching up your anchor, the faintest hint of brightness appears behind the mountain peaks. As you watch, fascinated, slowly, slowly, the brightness grows, light begins to appear, growing steadily brighter until finally, the golden rays of the sun burst forth in all their glory.


The day has dawned – once more, the day has dawned.


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