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Dentures & piping.

by Kent Maynard
(Spring Hill, FL)

I am contemplating getting dentures in the near future. My oral surgeon said I might have trouble adapting to playing the pipes with them, and may have trouble keeping them in while playing. I would like to know if any readers have dealt with this issue, and if they have any advice.

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Apr 21, 2012
by: Seol Beag

I have full dentures. I too had BIG problems, but..... I now have implants (3) on the bottom plate that snap into place. These are fantastic!
I now have almost no problems with blowing. Biting on the blowstick will tilt the back of the upper plate leading to the whole plate being dislodged. The remedy is is simple...Don't bite.
Good luck.

Mar 02, 2012
Dentures and piping
by: Bill Robertson

Hello Kent,
I agree with Rod, in that I have partial upper dentures renewed just a few months ago and an new extra lower set.
The upper one has only two back teeth as support with hooks that are just enoguh to keep in place and to allow removal. The lower one has either side of front seven teeth the rest as false teeth set in an type of plastic with metal back support of the front teeh joined on. That denture simply lies on the old gums. I have only played my pipes a few times when I found myself not even thinking of any problems. That was the case as I did not find any difference from that befoer, or perhaps even better than before. I have known in the past when A very good piper friend used to remove his false teeth when playing. That might be the case when one has a complte set of dentures, although application of a denture fixing paste could be tried if necessary. Obviously you would have to discuss the matter with your dentist.
All the best with your piping with dentures that I confidently feel should be alright (pun accidental).

Feb 28, 2012
Playing with dentures
by: Rod Gillies

I had a partial denture most of my adult life and it wasn't a problem. I suspect it depends on which teeth are being replaced. The front teeth hold the blowstick so they need to be stable but a well made denture should not be a problem. I now have implants and no amout of huffing and puffing dislodges them!!

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