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Lament For Donald Of Laggan


The Lament For Donald Of Laggan composed by Padruig Mor MacCrimmon sometime after Donald Gruamach (gloomy or dour) MacDonald's death in 1635. Donald, 7th of Glengarry, otherwise known as Donald of Laggan, was the father-in-law of Sir Ruaridh Mor MacLeod of Harris and Dunvegan.


Both Donald of Laggan and his daughter Isabella, wife of Sir Ruaridh Mor, lived for more than one hundred years, she for 102 years. It is a MacLeod tradition that Isabella, at her bedtime, had this lament played in the room next to her bedroom every night until she died, that is, for about 40 years.


It was Donald's son, Alasdair Dearg who is believed to have been the first of the Scottish family to spell his name MacDonell. Alasdair also earned a fine Lament.


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